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入屋點解要叫人 Importance of Addressing in HK

新年到喇! , 一到呢個時候就係家族上下見見面既時候! 小朋友呢個時候聽得最多既就係「叫人啦!」. 我兩個小朋友都係喺荷蘭出世同長大既, 見香港親友既時間唔多, 佢地一直都唔明白「叫人」既重要性.

其實「叫人」呢個文化可以好好咁表現中國文化中對人既尊重同埋中文對稱謂既特別. 去到外國人屋企, 就算你想叫人, 都無一個好既稱呼, 只好一個Hello, how are you? 了事. 外國其實都有「叫人」呢個觀念, 只係佢地只係對皇室先會有一個尊稱, 對於親友, 你可以直接叫名.

問題黎啦, 咁點解要叫人呢? 一, 對其他人既尊重, 你叫一個人, 表示你對見到呢個人表示好意, 而且, 你叫得出呢個人, 就知道你記得呢個人同你既關係, 二, 提示你自己既存在性, 叫人呢件事唔係單方面的, 你叫人既同時, 你叫既人都會記住你. 三, 基本教養, 當有人叫你, 你會有認同感, 作為一個有文化, 有質素既人, 不可以對人視而不見.

小朋友要從小接觸呢方面既知識, 大家可以考慮下我提供既廣東話班, 呢個班唔單止係語言上既發展, 仲會等你既小朋友接觸到西方教育沒有的「美德」.我地最近加左兩歲以下既BB班 同無年齡限制既小組斑同單人班, 詳情可於 找到, 也可直接Click 下面既連結:

In Eastern culture, it is very important to address everyone when you enter other's home or when your guests enter your home. During the Chinese New Year, it is THE time to meet and greet. Do you know why is it so important?

" Addresssing" is not only a cultural act, it is also about respect and social skills. In Chinese, you have different titles for different relatives. For example, you have 4 titles to address "an older sister of your dad", " an older sister of your mum", " a younger sister of your dad" , and " a younger sister of your mum". Base on a title that you address, you are also showing your acknowledgement of the relationships. At the same time, reminding others about who you are. Addressing others shows that you are aware of this person and that you welcome the existence of this person. In the end, it is just rude for ignoring anyone.

It is important for your children to understand the beauty of this culture! Sign up to our Cantonese classes, which is not only a language class, but also an introduction to the values and norms in Hong Kong culture. We recently introduced Baby Classes for baby under 2 years old and Single-group/small-group Classes for all ages! Please go to for details or simply click on below button!

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