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We are OPEN!

Got several responses saying that they cannot read chinese, so hereby the english version of my simple yet grand announcement -- Jody's Workshop is live!

It has always been an idea in the back of my head to organise an online-platform for Hong Kong Culture. This platform aims to introduce, connect and promote the unique culture of Hong Kong. To start with, we provide Cantonese playgroup, Cantonese Kindergarden, Translation, Feng Shui consultation and Date selection. It is not much to begin with, but we will gradually introduce more variety of events, such as cooking workshop, hong kong festivals and online shops for products related to Hong Kong.

Being a Hongkonger, I've always admire the unique character of Hong Kong - its language, its culture, its politics, its food... etc. During my years (2 in UK, 10 in NL) far away from home, I've seen a lot of misunderstanding against Hongkongers, also faced quite some scenario where unfair treatments were applied to hongkongers simply because of incorrect stereotypes.

You can say I'm too politically correct, but I just want to be myself - open and honest. Let me introduce you to the real Hong Kong, you will definitely understand why are we so proud to call ourselves hongkongers!

I hope you will support my website and consider our services! :)

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